Culture Saving provides expertise in exhibition proposals and production of one-of-a-kind exhibits that are specifically created for each individual arts space.

We begin each project by accessing and analyzing each organization’s target audience, mission, and budget, whether it be an art gallery, art center, cultural institution, or nonprofit for arts education. We then work with each client to create a plan of action to meet their objectives and goals.

•We are experienced in and enjoy taking on the workload and pressure of writing exhibition proposal, labels, descriptions, and  exhibition catalogues.

•We can assist with accessing, scouting, and being a liaison between artists and the client.

•We can provide support with all event orchestrating and marketing related to exhibitions, including museum quality setup and take-down.

Price ranges based on total hours or a flat rate based on project responsibilities and services.

View examples of Curating case studies (N’Namdi Contemporary, Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice).

Arts Programming

Culture Saving strongly believes in the necessity of programming within arts spaces and the importance of activating the spaces that we work with so that they are alive and thriving. When a space is constantly humming with activity it results in and allows for community and culture to grow. Culture Saving creates specific programming to grow community and ambassadors for our clients’ art galleries, museums, and spaces.

We assist our clients from beginning to end in the process of developing outstanding arts programs that engage and have lasting impact on the communities that they serve.

When evaluating our client’s art programming we realize that the goal is not to write reports only to give feedback to their funders, but the purpose is to ensure that they are evolving and and making strategic changes within their programming that they offer to the public.

View examples of Art Programming case studies (Donda’s House, Inc, Common Ground Foundation).

Event Organizing

We work with our clients’ needs and budget to host and produce events that meet each client’s’ goals.

We are specialized to assist in event organizing, production, audience research, strategy, budgeting, event photography, brand awareness, brand identity, and environmental marketing.

We offer project management for the creation and development of small to large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies,, formal galas, concerts, and conventions.

View examples of Arts Event Organizing case studies (The Silver Room, Chicago Park District, Night Out In The Parks, Rent Vintage Chicago)

Content Marketing & Web Design

Culture Saving creates innovative style conscious and content based websites that increase audience reach and engagement. Our website designs are professional, clean, and user friendly.

Culture Saving takes a unique approach to digital marketing by focusing on new systems in content production and storytelling within established spaces to promote community and audience engagement.

View examples of Content Marketing & Web Design case studies (N’Namdi Contemporary, Connect, Sweet Water Foundation)

Art Space Planning and Development

Culture Saving is especially engaged and excited about our approach to opening innovative, noteworthy, and one of a kind art experiences by transforming vacant and underutilized spaces into cultural hubs of information and cultural exchange.

We work closely with each client to produce pop-up art and cultural experiences that create long-lasting  impressions on their intended  audience.

View examples of Art Space Planning and Development case studies (Connect, Sweet Water Foundation)

Partnership Development

Culture Saving strongly understands that partnerships are the direct link to sustainability for arts organizations. We act as a conduit between corporations/donors and our clients to negotiate relationships so that they remain sustainable and their arts spaces remain authentic. 

View examples of Partnership Development case studies (Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice, Chicago Park District, Donda’s House, Inc.)