Culture Saving is a consulting organization that works to implement exhibitions and cultural experiences that increase partnerships, positive exposure, and meaningful connections between arts organizations and their audiences. Culture Saving started in 2016 as a merger between two arts organizations, Artistic Jeanius and Young Creatives Project.

Culture Saving works specifically with arts organizations to advise on and carry into action the execution of:


connecting artists, collectors, and organizations

event planning and marketing

web design and content digital marketing

event and lifestyle photography

art space planning and development

partnership development

Culture Saving positions itself to succeed by taking unorthodox approaches to solve the systemic complications within contemporary art spaces.

Who We Are

A married curatorial team that lives on the South Side of Chicago with their pitbull, Ernest. Both passionate about helping to create alternative and sustainable solutions to the art industry.

Hannah “Nia” Jasper

Nia Jasper is  an independent California curator based in Chicago. In 2012, while still an undergraduate at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago Jasper created and conceptualized the Young Creatives Project (YCP), an underground network to help connect emerging artists with art galleries and museums across the country.  Young Creatives Project helped thousands of artists to connect socially and professionally allowing for support guidance and empowerment during the early stages of an artist’s’ career. During this time, Young Creatives Project also produced a series of pop-up events in Chicago. Including The Slumber Room (2013), a gallery and music venue inside a former funeral parlor; and “50” Pullman Arts and Music festival, a large music and arts festival inside of the historic Pullman Train Car Factory (2014); and New Pullman Tech, a pop-up community arts center, hosting workshops, live poetry and art shows (2015) where she was awarded the Projects for Peace grant. Nia Jasper’s mission and passion has always been in the pursuit of progressive inclusive changes to the art industry. Currently she is working on developing Biomimetic curation a revolutionary approach to solve systemic problems for arts spaces.

Culture Saving’s mission is to implement exhibitions and cultural experiences that increase partnerships, positive exposure, and meaningful connections between arts organizations and their audiences.

Daris Jasper

Daris Jasper is a Chicago based curator who made his name as the founder and director of the contemporary arts gallery Artistic Jeanius in 2004, he is also noted, at the time, as being the youngest African American to own and operate a gallery in the Chicago Arts District.  Primarily focused on representing emerging artists of color. Artistic Jeanius exhibited artists such as, Hebru Brantley, Max Sansing, Immy Mellin, Mario “Zore” Gonzalez, among many others.In 2009 after witnessing the financial struggle of many of Chicago’s most prominent arts organizations, returned to school to receive his masters in increasing financial sustainability for nonprofit arts organizations and art education from Depaul University.

As a consultant, he has worked with prominent Chicago based clients including the  Common Ground Foundation, a youth mentoring program established by Grammy and Oscar award winning artist, Common; Donda’s House Inc., a nonprofit founded by Kanye West  and Che “Rhymefest” Smith, as well as KIPP Schools in Chicago, helping to launch the school’s first ever official gallery in the Chicago Arts District that evolved into the Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice.  Jasper also continues to consult and freelance for contemporary fine art galleries in Chicago and Miami.

 Nasir Jasper

Born February 22nd, 2017, Nasir is a connoisseur of Afrobeat music, breast milk, and baths. Nasir’s past-time is spent with his best friend, Olli the stuffed animal- elephant.

 Ernest Jasper

Ernest, named after Daris’s great uncle,  comes from the bloodline of Colby American Pit Bull Terriers. Ernest is the king of cuddling, has an abundance of playful energy, and loves playing tug-of-war with his toy, spare tire in his free time.