Donda’s House, Inc.


arts programming, web design, and event documentation


2013- 2016

Donda’s House, Inc. is a nonprofit arts organization that provides access to premium arts instruction to youth. Arts and music programs are routinely the first casualty in schools facing budget crises, specifically institutions in at-risk communities that directly benefit from access to safe environments and developmental opportunities.“Got Bars” was created by Chicago rappers Rhymefest and Kanye West, to simulate the creative environment of the late 90s that offered open mics, rap battles and other creative outlets for budding artists. That collaborative environment ushered in a new era of nonviolent and socially conscious music. Dr. Donda West provided the necessary recording equipment in her home and is remembered for asking “is that your truth?” to the young artists who frequently visited.

The goal of this project was to create a clean and minimal website that was easy to navigate, responsive, and that viewers would perceive as hip, cool and sophisticated. The site was created using WordPress.

In addition, Culture Saving assisted Donda’s House, Inc’s Facebook fundraising campaign that was launched in sync with Facebook Stories’s documentary short-film announcing the launch of Facebook Groups App. To assist Donda’s House, Inc. Culture Saving was given the responsibility for the management and updating Donda’s House, Inc’s Facebook Page and website to meet the challenge of increased activity and visits.

Culture Saving also provides support for Donda’s House, Inc.’s role in its arts program in collaboration with Chicago Public Library’s Youmedia and Commonwealth Foundation called (PRO)jectUS. (PRO)jectUS is an initiative for young adults between the ages of 13 – 23 designed to build fashion design, music production, and new media journalism skills. Adding value to the skills learned by curating artifacts created & knowledge gained in a comprehensive portfolio. Making that portfolio actionable with industry-centered special opportunities.

Services provided with Culture Saving: program development. Event organizing, graphic design, artist connections, website design, marketing consultation and implementation, marketing and event photograph