Chicago International

Puppet Festival


 event documentation and organizing


2017 to present

The Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival was founded to establish Chicago as a prominent center for the art of puppetry. This biennial Festival will present the highest quality local, national, and international puppet shows in venues across the city. Invited artists will lead workshops, public presentations and talks as an integral part of the Festival offerings. Additionally, the Festival will host the Volkenburg Puppetry Symposium devoted to the advancement of scholarship and research in the field of puppetry.

This theater performance was of Blair Thomas’s story of  The Selfish Giant at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Blair Thomas and singer-songwriter Michael Smith collaborate on this staging of an Oscar Wilde classic. Running time 45 minutes. Original puppets and music tell the story of a grumpy old giant who forbids the children in his village from playing in his beautiful garden. After the children are locked out, the trees and flowers refuse to grow and the garden plunges into an eternal winter. Then one morning, the children sneak back into the garden, bringing with them the joyous rebirth of spring.

The objectives and goals of this project was to capture the performance with still photography for event documentation and to assist with event organizing while at the venue.